Ken Blanchard"John Sikkema was living the good life, but felt something was missing. In this provocative book, he shares his story and seven life-changing principles that will help you become the person you were created to be. Along the way, you’ll also learn how to align the work you do with the person you are, instead of the other way around. Reading Enriched could well be a turning point in your life."
– Ken Blanchard,
Co-author of The One Minute Manager® and Great Leaders Grow


Hon John Anderson AO"Enriched will prove to be of great value to many people contemplating a deep desire to find more meaning and purpose in their lives, rather than that which the frantic pursuit of money and position has up to now provided them. In a culture which under-values the wisdom and experience of elders, this is a transparently honest, insight-packed and easily-read book that will help many to transform their own lives and positively impact those around them at the same time."
– Hon John Anderson AO,
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia (1999-2005)


San Wee"A Remarkable story, ordinary and yet extraordinary! Many similarities to successful Asian baby boomers to making a great living but missing out on life. In "Enriched" John Sikkema combines stories of both his successes and failures, giving us insight, hope and practical wisdom to move from purely a success focus to one of significance. It will inspire you to review, renew, reconnect, reshape, re-ignite, re-invent yourself and reclaim the life you've always dreamed of living. One that can count for something bigger than yourself!."
– San Wee,
Chairman of Learning Point Group, Singapore


Dean Niewolny"In Enriched, John Sikkema gives you a powerful strategic plan (blueprint) for undertaking a second-half career that is full of adventure and significance. By the time you get to the last page you will know what you need to do. I could not stop reading this book, I loved it and it hits right where MANY men and women are these days. John’s story will change lives!"
– Dean Niewolny,
CEO, Halftime, Dallas, Texas


David Bussau AM"It is my hope that Enriched will inspire and encourage others to follow in John’s footsteps, and that each one of us will reach out and empower others in our sphere of influence to follow his example. I compliment John for his bold initiative in writing this book. It is a new and refreshing perspective that challenges the old paradigms of success and pursuit of wealth and opens our respective world-views to live purpose-driven lives."
– David Bussau AM,
Co-founder of Opportunity International


Marcus Koch"Reading this book is like having a conversation with a wise mentor. John Sikkema shares honestly from both his successes and failures to help you turn your career into your passion. Enriched will inspire you to do what you’ve always wanted to do with your life but didn’t think was possible. Enriched is totally new and fresh (which is hard to believe with millions of books in the world) – it is an honest, from-the-heart account guiding the reader to a new and exciting place in their calling and purpose."
– Markus Koch,
CEO, Daniels International


Frank Costa OAM"Enriched is an inspiring read. If we all pick up this responsibility to do a little or a lot within our own capacity to make the world a better place, what a great lift it will give to one’s wellbeing and self-esteem."
– Frank Costa OAM,
Chairman of Costa Group; Former Mayor and President of Geelong Football Club, Melbourne


Bob buford"In Enriched, John artfully weaves a tapestry of personal story, practical guidance and inspiring encouragement. He will help you discover what you are most passionate about and how to match that passion with the knowledge, skills and talent you have been given. If you find that appealing – if you want your life to count for something beyond the value of your portfolio or the title on your business card – you have come to the right place."
- Bob Buford
Author of Halftime, an American Best-seller

Tim Costello"In Enriched, John Sikkema skilfully weaves his own remarkable story with practical wisdom to help you navigate your own journey from success to significance.  This book will challenge and encourage many people who have had great careers but want to do more than just make a living.  John points the way towards a life filled with meaning, purpose and adventure."
- Tim Costello AO
CEO World Vision Australia


Wendy Simpson"In offices and workplaces everywhere there are young people who are asking how do I integrate my passion for making the world a better place into my work?  They expect their workplace to offer them the opportunity to do it now, not to put it off until they are further advanced in their career. Having been a judge in the Australian Financial Review’s Young Executive of the Year awards I know many young executives earnestly desire to lead lives which make a difference. This book, with John’s candid personal story, is helpful to both those starting their career and those who have been in business many years, to help us recognise when we are at important decision points in our lives and the consequences of the choices we make."
- Wendy Simpson
Chairman Springboard Enterprises


Dr. Allan Meyer"Life is an adventure and Enriched is the best kind of adventure story.  It's funny, it's poignant, it's insightful, it's real and it's a great read.  What are the factors that make for a great life?  What are the attitudes and mindsets that make it possible to not only achieve goals in life but allow you to do so with your integrity intact, your wife still in love with you, your children proud of their Dad, and your own heart satisfied that you have made your years count for something of value?  That's where John Sikkema takes us in this book.  I commend it to you."
- Dr Allan Meyer
Co-founder Careforce Lifekeys


Kevin Bailey"John Sikkema shares in Enriched how he discovered that living his life for others was the key to living his own thrilling adventure. His business success became a precursor to a life full of meaning and fulfillment that is far more important than financial reward. There are many valuable lessons we can all learn from these pages that we can apply to create our own daring adventure doing what we are called to do."
- Kevin Bailey
Head of Philanthropic Services, Shadforth Financial Group


Mark Conner"At some point in every person's life journey, questions about the meaning and purpose of life emerge. John Sikkema in Enriched has navigated this important territory well and is an excellent guide for us. This book is full of wisdom and insight. Highly recommended!"
- Mark Conner
Senior Pastor, CityLife Church, Melbourne


Jossy Chacko"Do you ever get the feeling that there’s something “better” out there for you? There is! In Enriched, John Sikkema shares his own remarkable story with brutal honesty and offers practical guidance to help you navigate your own journey. Conventional wisdom says work hard, save your money and you’ll have a great retirement. John tosses a hand grenade into this conventional wisdom and shows us a new way to live. A must read – if you follow John’s advice in this book, your life and others' lives will never be the same."
- Jossy Chacko
Founder and President of Empart Inc.


Terry Winters"I wish this book had been around when I was starting my career and then later when I was building my own business. It would have saved me from inflicting considerable pain caused to my family during those years of single-minded focus on business, before learning what I now know to be true about my real purpose. This book ought to be required reading for every young professional."
- Terry Winters
Company Director and Entrepreneur, Melbourne


Glenn Williams"What an incredible book. Successful CEO, John Sikkema, tells his story - of the hurdles and challenges he faced that brought him to the brink of losing the most significant things/people in his life. In doing so, he redefined wealth. This is a must read!"
- Glenn Williams
CEO, Outward Looking International


Dr. Lindsay McMillan“If you are looking for purpose and meaning in what you do, John Sikkema’s story will enlighten and surprise, in how one man dealt with this dilemma. There are many insights that will definitely challenge the notion of ‘what is important and what is priority.’ (This story is for them.)  John’s storytelling and personal experiences will not only keep you reading, it will leave you with the question. ‘so what does this mean for me and those closest to me?’"
- Dr. Lindsay McMillan  OAM
Managing Director, Converge International